DRACO was my diploma project for the Freie Kunstwerkstatt in Munich. It included the creature design of realistic dragons and their evolution story, a book about them and a polyurethane sculpture of the dragon design.


Creature Design

Those are the final designs of the dragons. There are mostly based on non-avian dinosaurs. I imagined the small theropod Yi Qi to be their ancestor, which makes them very bird-like.

Here they are shown in their natural habitat:

Final design sketches:


Idea of their evolution:


More information and images can be found in the following:


The Book

In this all my ideas and stories behind the dragons are collected and illustrated.



The sculpture

The sculpture was a really important but scary part for me. I had never done a sculpture in this size and complexity as this. It was first sculpted out of Super Sculpey than a mold was created and it was cast in polyurethane.

Finally it was attached to a wood + stone base and painted with Citadel Colours.


„Original“ out of Super Sculpey (was mostly destroyed in the molding process)