Smaug’s Graveyard

„When the water was clear, you could see the bones and the treasures – which the dragon wore as chest armour – at the ground of the Long Lake, but no one dared to dive them up.“

Black Tea Packaging

Package Design and Illustration for a series of different kinds of black tea. Illustrations were first made on a scratch board than coloured in Photoshop.

Sun for Cows – „Die Zeit“ Newspaper Article

Illustrations and layout for an article in german newspaper „Die Zeit“. It is about how farmers wished they could treat their cows better, but couldn’t because they don’t have any support from the government to do so.   Illustrations                        

The Wolf and the Lamb Bookcovers

Bookcovers for the fable „The Wolf and the Lamb“ by Jean de la Fontaine in 4 different styles, made with 4 different techniques.   Digital Collage Ink drawing Digital (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop) Traditional print and Adobe Photoshop

Timo&Kiko Children’s book

Project for the german book label Ravensburger. It was a row of little books for children, that should all deal with the same theme. I chose the theme „fear“ and created a story about a boy who is constantly scared of different things. Every fear gets the form of a little, friendly monster that make […]

Gorillaz – Demon Days – Fanmade Cover

Medium: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign One of my favourite albums of all time. I thought I’d make a cover that shows the theme of the album more. I mixed realistic textures with hand-painted scribbly drawings, inspired of Gorillaz‘ music video style.