Thanks for stopping by on my Website. My full name is Tamara Grünwald or just for short Tammy. I always had a great passion for art and design, so I turned that hobby into a job.

Since I was a kid I could often catch myself in a moment where my thoughts drift away in different worlds and stories. I was highly inspired by books, movies and videogames and soon I started creating my own stories, characters and creatures.

I started to draw and design them, and this is how my passion started.

When I studied Game Design I realized that I have a great ability to visualize ideas and I always knew how every world had to look like to express a certain kind of feeling.

While studying Illustration I even stretched out my creativity and my abilities, and also learned more techniques, styles and media.

My greatest abilities are to perform many different styles so I can adjust it to different situations and commissions, but also to immediatly visualize an idea for every project.

Although my focus lies on digital art I am able to use a wide range of media like watercolours, acrylic colours, gouche, ink, printing and 3D-modelling.